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1. I first met Zainal as a participant in his NLP training. Since NLP is claimed to be the art and science of excellence I invited him to work with my son, Vickram, who was then in Sec 3 to help him boost his academic performance. Vickram went to see Zainal for only two sessions each lasting an hour and a half before his Sec 3 final exams. After each session, I noticed that he would be in high spirits.

He became more confident and self-driven in his studies. I was delighted when his academic results shot up and he topped the class in the final exams. Zainal continued to work with my son for several sessions to help him prepare for the O level. In these sessions, he taught my son tools such as visioning, visual thinking and stress management techniques which tremendously helped him in his final preparation. My son was becoming an independent, self-directed, self-driven and confident learner. For the O-Level, I'm very proud to state that my son achieved 7 As. He is now in a top Junior College doing subjects that open him various challenging career options.

What I most appreciate about Zainal's work is that he has proven that we all have it within us the ability of performing at a higher level.

Teva Raj,

2. As a parent with 3 teenage school-going kids, it pained me to see them struggling through their ever increasingly demanding studies.

When I heard from a friend about Zainal, an NLP expert specialising educational performance, I sent my children to him hoping that he could show them a better approach to studies and perhaps improve their results.

After only five sessions, I'm extremely glad to find out that all of them have shown significant improvement in their grades.

What gives me even more satisfaction is seeing them happier, more enthusiastic and self-directed about their studies. They have adopted a more disciplined routine in their work and the improved grades have helped them realised that good grades are not beyond them.

I highly recommend this programme to all students and parents who want a better and less stressful approach to their children's studies.


3. I have both attended Zainal’s training as well as engaged his coaching services and am very impressed with his abilities in both areas.

As a trainer, Zainal is magnetic, warm and highly competent. There is no doubt that he is a born trainer.

As a coach, he worked with my son on some practical day to day issues. Within a short time, my son has changed. I am now able to engage my son in meaningful conversation and discussion. Zainal’s NLP skills are indeed transformational.

Kamariah Ahmad,
Participant and Parent.

4. I am glad to have Zainal as my friend and personal coach. He is dedicated to his mission of helping people become more competent, confident and congruent in their personal and professional lives. In my business, like all businessmen, I face challenges (I used to refer to them as problems). A few minutes into my session with him, I noticed that my spirits begin to soar and my ability to face and solve these challenges is greatly enhanced. Zainal has a knack of impacting people at a deep level by helping them first discover their own innate resources and then how they could make best use of these resources.

Anil Bhatia,
Businessman / Writer.

5. In August 2002, out of the blue, some tiny red patches appeared on both my legs up to my thighs. Blood tests at a hospital lab did not find anything wrong with me. The doctor's advice was not to worry and to use stockings to cover the patches. A peculiar thing about the patches was that they would begin to fade at the end of the working week but will appear again in full blast on the following Monday afternoon. This cycle went on for several months.

After several more visits to the doctor, I was told that my capillaries near the skin of my legs were bursting. But they could not find the cause. Neither did the medication make any difference. I was told not to walk around too much.

As my work involved being on my feet, this began to affect my work performance. Still the red patches persisted. The skin on my legs looked like those spotted dogs you see on TV! As a last resort I went to see Zainal who put me in a light hypnosis and talked something about the sub-conscious' role in maintaining hormonal balance in the body. After the 30 minute session he predicted that the patches would begin to fade and would completely disappear within 3 weeks.

Three weeks later, almost to the day, guess what? The patches disappeared completely! I am now back on my feet.

Tessa Szee,
Office Manager.

6. Zainal has helped me achieve better confidence in myself and in my ability to lead. He worked with my subconscious mind to help me become more aware and to use more of my talent resources. His knowledge and skills in hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming makes him an unusually effective business and personal coach.

I also noticed that Zainal has a soft spot to help society by helping identify heroes to shape the lives they yearn for. Many students have been helped by his methods and the results surprised many baffled parents.

Sng Tong Hai,
Insurance Sales Manager.

7. Zainal is a great and inspirational teacher to both adults and children. He is indeed world class in his transformational skills. I have no hesitation in recommending anyone to his coaching or training. I benefited much in my mental skills and easily get into the optimal state when composing music.

T Parandaman,
Indian Classical Music Composer and Psychology Student.

8. My NLP Practitioner training has taught me the mental frames and techniques to be an excellent sports coach. I'm glad I trained with Zainal because he constantly upgrades his skills through his association with world class NLP trainers in the U.S. In fact he's fast emerging as a world class trainer himself."

I have been using NLP on the teams I coach with fantastic results. The players are more relaxed and focused especially when it matters most! All my players were a bit surprised at the techniques used at first, but by the 3rd day of the tournament, they were gladly going through the sessions, knowing that it does help with their performance and confidence.

I'll gladly recommend Zainal as your NLP trainer, as he takes the time required to ensure that not only do you get your money's worth, but that you will also fully comprehend the topics and be a confident NLPer!

Gene Tong,
NLP Practitioner,
National Women's 7's Team Coach,
NSW Level 2 Rugby Coach,
Dip Sport Psychology (ACAP).

9. Zainal is a knowledgeable and inspiring trainer and coach. Undoubtedly, he knows his stuff.

Gregory Williams,
Business Consultant.

10. I thoroughly enjoy Zainal's approach to his NLP Practitioner Training - affable, interactive and most definitely transformational.

Sujit Kumar,

11. Zainal eats, drinks and breaths NLP and personal development. I'm impressed with the range of his skills.

Andy Ng,
Business Coach.

12. Zainal's love for teaching and working with people, together with his awesome transformational skills, makes him a highly effective trainer and coach.

Kathryn Caywood,
Business Coach,
Master Hypnotherapist & NLP Trainer,


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