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Our Approach
Appreciative Inquiry
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Competence Strategies International is a recognized NLP Institute. Neuro Linguistic Programming therefore underpins and informs all of our work and services.

Over the years, other fields, mostly allied to NLP, have been incorporated into our work which makes our approach and specifically our practice of NLP even more unique, powerful and compelling. .These include Ericksonian Hypnosis, Solution Focus Approach, Energy Psychology, the Enneagram, Positive Deviance and Appreciative Inquiry (sometime called the Brief Therapy for Organizations).

What do all these fields have in common? And what make them unique, powerful and compelling?

These fields are focused mainly on looking at the strengths of the individual / organization or on what are already working and improving upon them. While they do consider the causes of an individual or organizational dysfunction, they rather spend their time and energy on the current situation and solutions that would bring the entity to a higher level of performance. Improvements are rapidly felt. The people involved can see and feel the changes and get more motivated to move further forward.


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