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Typically, I am engaged to help clients (organizations and individuals) with issues such as:

• Improving bottom-line profitability
• Building up sales team effectiveness
• Increasing individual sales
• Helping a difficult manager “fit in” with the rest of the employees
• Strengthening teamwork
• Reducing office conflicts
• Improving office productivity
• Overcoming fear of public speaking
• Improving long-term relationships with clients
• Preparing entrepreneurs for an enhanced role
• Reducing costs
• Improving culture of follow –up and execution
• Tightening organizational structure and relationships
• Improving teachers’ coaching and counseling skills
• Maintaining a healthy balance between personal and professional life
• Overcoming exam anxiety

I am continually surprised with the range and creativity of issues that clients bring with them.

What makes me the best coach for my clients?

I believe it is the range of skills that I bring to bear in my work. Heard about what Abraham Maslow said about the plumber with a set of hammers as his tool? All problems look to him like a nail - to be knocked in.

On the contrary, people are very complex and multi-dimensional. So too are the issues that clients bring with them. With my range of skills - from the quantitative (I am a qualified accountant) to the qualitative (organizational development, appreciative inquiry, solutions focus) to the subtle and sublime (NLP, ericksonian hypnosis, the Enneagram, energy psychology, Hellinger Family Constellation) I believe I can help my clients to better address these issues. Best of all, clients know that they are always in charge of the change.

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