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Topics in this issue: 

1.  NLP and the Danger of Magical Thinking

2.  The Rise and Rise of Business Coaching

3.  Ericksonian Hypnosis

4.  Coaching/ Hypnosis/ Training


    NLP and the Danger of Magical Thinking

  What do I mean by magical thinking? Let me begin with a story. I heard various versions of the same story line but I heard this one in Philadelphia while training with my mentors, John and Julie.

This English guy had gone to an NLP training with a famous NLP guru in London. The guru was mainly on stage and talking and talking like in a stand-up comedy. He was humorous. He was entertaining. He was provocative. The guy said he had a good laugh but didn’t quite understand what it was all about. After the training, he couldn’t remember what he had learnt and was told to “trust your unconscious mind because your unconscious has learned what it needed to learn”. So he gave up trying to understand.

Twelve months later, he continued, he had left his job and started a business and his business was booming. He still couldn’t finger it out but attributed his success to the training especially the on - stage talk of the guru. This is what I mean by Magical thinking - he changed (in this case for the better) but didn’t quite know how he did it. The change was ignited, and perhaps directed, by the guru. If he needed more positive changes in his life what does he do? You guess it - he has to look for and listen to the guru again. This is not what NLP is about. The power and the direction for the change should reside in him. So that he can purposively repeat it again and again in different aspects of his life. And what if the change had been on the negative side? This is fuel to people who labels NLP as a cult.

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    The Rise and Rise of Business Coaching

  It is now the in thing. Any respectable CEO or manager ought to hire one. Over the past 20 years, the profession called executive coaching has become more and more in demand. What drives it? Answer: the race to be better in the business and corporate world. After all it was derived from its sports cousin, which is to help athletes run faster, jump higher, endure longer, etc. And what drives the need to be better in the business and corporate world? Answer: competition. Is competition likely to be lesser in future? Answer: well you know the answer. If you want to have that competitive edge over your rival, do you have a choice? Again you know the answer.

Coaching succeeds where training fails. Training can provide you with the depth and breath and even insight in any field. But training cannot help you with the two things that you most need for executive success: focus and execution. This is just too true with all the conflicting and confusing demands made on executives nowadays. The coach, acting as an unbiased sounding board to challenge and question your assumptions, helps you to focus your time and energy on what’s really important to you.

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    Ericksonian Hypnosis

  Hypnosis is an innately fascinating topic by itself. The topic invites skeptism and a lively discussion about the connection between the mind, the brain and the body. A lot of fears and myths surround it. In a later newsletter I will give more insights into the nature of hypnosis and the fears and myths people have. Now I want to talk about the 3 million dollar question most people have: does hypnosis really work?

We are seeing more and more reports in prestigious magazines (e.g. Time, Newsweek,) and documentaries (e.g. BBC, Discovery Channel) that hypnosis has helped people relieve phobias and body ailments. The British zoo encourages visitors to gently pat small furry (safe) animals as part of its campaign to get people to respect animals. Those who have a fear of touching the creature get to overcome it - through hypnosis. There is a growing body of evidence by medical researchers like Kirsch, Montgomery, Sapirstein, Schoenberger et al that when hypnosis is part of a treatment, it generally increases the benefits of the treatment. Hypnosis has been used successfully in far too many conditions and disorders to name them all, but some of the best known applications are in the domains of pain, anxiety, depression, phobias and children’s disorders.

While I am not about to pronounce that “hypnosis is the answer to all of life’s challenges” it has been proven to helps people discover and develop strengths in themselves they didn’t know they had. To borrow Michael Yapko’s words, the consequences in people’s lives are often nothing short of extraordinary.

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    Coaching/ Hypnosis/ Training

  Zainal will be doing a public workshop “Bringing out the Best out of Yourself and Others thru the Enneagram” on 24-25 Nov 06. Fee is $385 per person ($350 before 5 Nov). To register please call Lucy at phone 67744863 or email me back for a copy of the brochure.

Zainal is available for coaching as well as for hypnosis. He also trains in NLP, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Appreciative Inquiry, Solution Focus leadership/management and Sales. On rare occasions, he can be persuaded to do stage hypnosis for in-house functions in connection with sales, leadership or relationship excellence (but never for fun).

Please write to enquire or register your interest by emailing us your details.

Zainal Abidin Rahman
Certified NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis Trainer
Web: www.competencestrategies.com
Email: zainal@competencestrategies.com
HP: (65) 9752 0670

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