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Issue: 23rd Mar 05

A simple cure for
jet lag
Who is Bill O’Hanlon?
What is Competence?
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Dear XXX,

Welcome to more powerful NLP tips and insights to help improve our competence, confidence and congruence in our professional and personal lives.  

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1 - A simple cure for jet lag

Do you suffer from jet lag when you fly back, say from the US?  I have just returned from Santa Fe, New Mexico, after a horrendous flight delay at Denver Airport and thought about sharing this tip.  I travel to the US several times a year and on my return can function almost immediately.  So I didn’t think much of it until a friend, who is the CEO of a major hospital, mentioned about it during a recent Chinese New Year get-together lunch of old friends.  He makes it a point to arrive at the Changi International Airport in the morning, goes straight to his office and after a quick shower starts working the whole day and often right into the night.  (Yes, this friend is a known workaholic - that’s why he’s a CEO and still single).  No jet lag at all.  Judging from the incredulous faces around us, I thought more people need to know about this simple technique.

The technique is this.  As you enter the plane that’ll bring you back home and begin to settle in the seat, adjust your watch to reflect Singapore time, close your eyes, imagine you are already back home and blur the memory of the last few hours in the foreign city.  Get into a warm fuzzy feeling and preferably proceed to sleep.  When you reach Singapore your body would have adjusted to the deception that your mind as played on it.  All for the better.  After all, time really doesn’t exist (according to quantum physics) and is all in the mind.

2   -  Who is Bill O’Hanlon ?

Any NLP’er worth his salt knows who Bill O’Hanlon is.  Last week, I had the privilege of spending 5 days with the former only live-in gardener/student of Milton Erickson at his hometown, Santa Fe.  Although he has moved on from NLP (that’s another story) to Brief and Solution Focused therapies, his early books are a must read for anyone who wants to master the NLP language patterns.  Readers who are interested can write to me for a list of the books I recommend. 

A superb teacher and prolific writer (having written more than 20 books) his primary strength is in simplifying complex issues.  This makes him the most lucid of all the Ericksonian teachers I have had the privilege of meeting.  Bill is a teacher and practitioner worth modelling after.  Here is a piece of good news - Bill is coming to Singapore in November to conduct a workshop Trauma without Drama.  Look out for more information in this newsletter.

3  - What is Competence?

This newsletter is about improving competence.  What is Competence? I have frequently been asked. 

Briefly, there are 3 aspects of competence..  I will pose a series of questions to enable you to judge for yourself your own state of competence: 

a.     Managing one’s self

  1. Do you truly like yourself?

  2. Are you comfortable being yourself?

  3. Can you manage your own emotions and feelings?

  4. How well do you look after your health and well-being?

  5. How do you sharpen your own potential?

b.     Managing your relationship with other people

  1. Are there many people who consider you a friend?

  2. Do you like people?

  3. Do you interact with the same type or genre of people like you?

  4. Do you work best alone or with others?

c.     Managing your relationship with things and tasks.

  1. Do you easily keep time?

  2. Do you start and complete projects easily or with difficulty?

  3. Are you good with machinery or tools?

  4. Do you plan your work and work your plan?

We all can improve some aspects of our competence.  The important thing is to do something different.  Might as well be now.

Public workshop Schedule:

April 2005 - Singapore

April 23- 24 : NLP Practitioner Certification module: Irresistible Persuasion.(max 15) 
April 28-29: Developing the Resilient Mindset for Sales People (15 spaces)  

May 2005 - Singapore

May 14-15 May: NLP Practitioner Certification module: Time-based Techniques™ . (max 15) 

June 2005 - Singapore

June 25: NLP Practitioner Certification module: Energy Psychology. (max 15) 

Why take your NLP Certification Training with Competence Strategies International?  Here are at least 3 reasons:

You will be trained and certified by at least 2 International Certified NLP Trainers.  Your certificate will bear the signatures of these 2 trainers - as recommended by the UK Association of NLP and practiced by most major NLP Institutes in US, UK and Europe.

You will be exposed to the latest NLP techniques developed by NLP pioneers, which trainers of Competence Strategies International are associated with - Neuro-Energetics, NLP University, NLP Comprehensive, NLP Academy (UK), John Grinder, Carmen Bostic, the Ericksonian Foundation, etc.

You will learn beyond the “normal NLP syllabus” with topics like the Money Clinic™ developed by Tim and Kris Halbom (NLP of California) available as a separate workshop only in major western cities like San Francisco, London, Sydney etc.

In short, training with us is not just about getting a recognised certification (that’s a given) but really about acquisition of real life and usable skills of excellence.  Those were the objectives of the original NLP developers.

Please write to enquire or register at  enquiry@competencestrategies.com


Zainal Abidin Rahman
Certified Trainer of NLP and Ericksonian Hypnotherapy
23rd March 2005

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