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Issue Date: 8th Feb 2005

" Do NLP with Competence "

Welcome to more NLP tips and insights to help improve our competence, confidence and congruence in our professional and personal lives.  

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Topics in this issue:

Become a Better Speller

Story- Telling for Parents

Public Workshop Schedule
To read more about writing your own stories for reading or telling to your children click here.

Become a Better Speller  

This is a simple and effective way to improve your spelling.  It takes just about 5 minutes for each practice.

Take any piece of reading material and look for an unfamiliar word that you want to be able to spell perfectly.  Once you identify it, look at the word and the letters making the word.  Close your eyes and visualize the word with the letters in their correct sequence at the screen of your inner eyelids.  Make the letters bigger and brighter.  Then spell out loud the word several times.  Once you can do this take the next unusual step of spelling the word backwards.  Repeat several times until you feel confident about your ability to spell the word..  For longer words, such as Mediterranean, break them into appropriate segments.  Example:


Practise on 2 or 3 different words a day, with increasing levels of difficulty. Over a period of 3 weeks you should be able to sense that you are a much better speller.  Make it one of your daily mental tune-ups.

Story Telling /Reading for Parents.

Parents pay out billions of dollars on extra tuition and enrichment classes for their children each year.  Unfortunately, many children don’t benefit from these costly lessons.  Parents have a higher chance of helping their children do well in school and in later life by spending about 15 minutes each evening reading or telling them stories.  When parents read or tell stories to their young children, the children tend to:

  • love reading and learning

  • possess superior general knowledge

  • master a larger vocabulary

  • have heightened self-mastery

  • focus on tasks for a longer duration

  • have better discipline

  • generally do better at school.

  • become a life long book reader

The best stories are those that the parents write themselves.  To read more about writing your own stories for reading or telling to your children click here.

 Public workshop Schedule

Feb 2 005

Month: Feb 2005
Date Workshop Spaces Venue
23-24 Feb Joy of Presenting 10 Singapore
26-27 Feb NLP Practitioner Certification module The Money Clinic™ 10 Singapore

Month: March 2005
Date Workshop Spaces Venue
3-4 Mar Presentation Skills with Story - Telling 10 Singapore
19-20 Mar NLP Practitioner Certification module: Getting into Flow Max 15 Singapore

Month: April  2005
Date Workshop Spaces Venue
23  24 Apr NLP Practitioner Certification module: Irresistible Persuasion Max 15 Singapore
28 -29 Apr Developing the Resilient Mindset for Sales People Max 15 Singapore

Month: May 2005
Date Workshop Spaces Venue
5 May Humanistic NLP Coaching Skills for Managers 20 KL
12 May Humanistic NLP Coaching Skills for Managers 20 Singapore
14 -15 May NLP Practitioner Certification module: Time-based Techniques™  Max 15 Singapore

Month: June 2005
Date Workshop Spaces Venue
25 June NLP Practitioner Certification module: Energy Psychology Max 15 Singapore

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Zainal Abidin Rahman
Certified Trainer of NLP and Ericksonian Hypnotherapy
11 Jan2005

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