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Issue: 9th Apr 05

Coach your child
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Topics in this issue:

1 - Coach your own child
2 - Public workshops

1 - Coach your own child

Many parents feel overwhelmed by the competition and stress they see their children going through in school. Most feel helpless beyond sending their child to a series of extra tuition and enrichment classes. Some parents even go to the extend of going back to class to study the new Maths, or whatever, so that they could teach the subject to their children. Admirable gesture, but totally unnecessary.

Over the next few issues I will share strategies and techniques how parents can help their children perform much better in school without being the subject (i.e. Maths, Science, language etc) expert and without adding the stress of sending them to extra and expensive tuition. Through simple daily contacts (which I call coaching sessions) 

There are seven underlying strategies parents need to do in order to help their children perform better in school.

The 1st if these is Presence. By presence, I mean the physical and mental attendance when you are with your child. The physical act of touching, hugging and caressing is essential for a child’s physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual development. 

Make a point to engage in eye contact when interacting with your child. Eye contact happens when two pairs of eyes look INTO each other at least for a couple of seconds. Studies have proven that the more two individuals like each other the more is their eye contact with each other. Conversely, when two people dislike each other they will avert or completely cease making eye contact. 

To the child, making eye contact is important because it is a form of acknowledging her presence in your eyes. Frequently that is enough for the child to feel loved. Noting is more hurtful to a child (or anyone for that matter) than to be ignored. Most people can cope with other people’s feeling of dislike or even hate for them but to be ignored of their existence is something that question their very identity and existence. 

Morale: Be present for your child – not just physically but mentally.

2- Public workshop Schedule:

Look out for the next Neuro Linguistic Programming /Humanistic Neuro linguistic Programming /Time-based Techniques Certification training with Competence Strategies International scheduled in June 05. 

Why take your NLP Certification Training with Competence Strategies International?  Here are at least 3 reasons:

You will be trained and certified by at least 2 International Certified NLP Trainers.  Your certificate will bear the signatures of these 2 trainers - as recommended by the UK Association of NLP and practiced by most major NLP Institutes in US, UK and Europe.

You will be exposed to the latest NLP techniques developed by NLP pioneers, which trainers of Competence Strategies International are associated with - Neuro-Energetics, NLP University, NLP Comprehensive, NLP Academy (UK), John Grinder, Carmen Bostic, the Ericksonian Foundation, etc.

You will learn beyond the “normal NLP syllabus” with topics like the Money Clinic™ developed by Tim and Kris Halbom (NLP of California) available as a separate workshop only in major western cities like San Francisco, London, Sydney etc.

In short, training with us is not just about getting a recognised certification (that’s a given) but really about acquisition of real life and usable skills of excellence.  Those were the objectives of the original NLP developers.

Please write to enquire or register at  enquiry@competencestrategies.com


Zainal Abidin Rahman
Certified Trainer of NLP and Ericksonian Hypnotherapy
9th Apr 2005

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